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I started to work with Typo3 in 2002 during my studies of Information Technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim. Since then I have been  developing a number of high quality Typo3 extensions, that have been used in a lot of commercial projects. My most popular extensions are:


I am always looking for sponsors to further enhance the functionality of my extensions and to contribute the improvements to the Typo3 Open Source community, of course. If you are interested in supporting my work for the Typo3 community, then I will be happy to receive an e-mail from you. Please send all inquiries to


There are various options to support and keep up my work for the Typo3 community: if you have a concrete project and would like to use my extensions (and probably need some enhancements) then consider to contact me concerning a sponsoring agreement.

In case you just would like to do me a quick and dirty favor, then consider one of the following:

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