— Changelog

CWT Feedit V1.2.0

  • improvement Improvement: Added the option to call a hook function after the form has been successfully submitted.
  • improvement Improvement: Added the possibility to show a thumbnail of uploaded images in the preview.
  • bug Bugfix: Removed deprecated call-time pass-by-reference.
  • bug Bugfix: Date format is not applied correctly when given in items array.

CWT Feedit V1.1.1

  • improvement Improvement: Added the possibility to add hidden fields to the form which should not be displayed but inserted to the database.
  • improvement Improvement: Added support for Typo3 “date” fields.

CWT Feedit V1.1.0

  • improvement Improvement: Added a configurable wrap for the generated CWT Feedit content. So, one may add some custom introduction to the form for instance (see “The $conf parameter – pre_HTML, post_HTML”).
  • improvement Improvement: Checkboxes may now be displayed in multiple columns (see “The $conf parameter – checkboxColumns”).
  • improvement Improvement: Simplified the generation of the form object (see “4. Assemble the HTML with your form object”)
  • improvement Improvement: Enhanced the documentation.

CWT Feedit V1.0.0

  • improvement Improvement: Added the option to format ‘preview’ fields. E.g. “$items[‘username’][‘format’][‘date’]”.
  • improvement Improvement: Added support for Radio Buttons. TCA type = ‘radio’.
  • improvement Improvement: Added the option to format ‘preview’ fields. E.g. “$items[‘username’][‘format’][‘date’]”.
  • improvement Improvement: Added the option to fetch field labels from TCA configuration. Simply leave the ‘label’ attribute of the items array empty. E.g.: $item[‘username’] = array();.
  • improvement Improvement: Added support for ‘itemsProcFunc’ pre-processing function (ALPHA FEATURE!).
  • bug Bugfix: Fixed an issue with the Locallang values ‘submit_name’, ‘submit_preview_name’ and ‘submit_result_name’. They are no longer needed! Thanks to Mikkel Hastrup.

CWT Feedit V0.9.0

  • improvement Improvement: Added support for T3 fields of the type “Checkbox”
  • improvement Improvement: CSS classes can now be provided for the generated HTML content.

CWT Feedit V0.8.x

  • bug Bugfix: MD5 hashing of password did not work correctly.
  • bug Bugfix: Feedit should now support XCLASS extension.

CWT Feedit V0.8.0

  • improvement Improvement: Added the possibility to create new records.
  • improvement Improvement: Improved documentation.
  • Misc: Validated extension for use with Typo3 version 4.1.x

CWT Feedit V0.7.0

  • bug Bugfix: Fixed some XSS issues. It is highly recommended to update to this version!! Thanks to Felix Eckhofer.
  • bug Bugfix: There were some issues when having more than one field of type “file” in a form: the deletion did not work correctly. Thanks to György Fekete.

CWT Feedit V0.5.2

  • bug Bugfix: Select field items were only displayed with the default language. Thanks to Alwin Viereck!

CWT Feedit V0.5.0

  • improvement Improvement: Mikael Conley added the missing DB relation support for select fields. Thank a lot!!
  • bug Bugfix: The path to download files in case of a group field was not generated correctly.

CWT Feedit V0.4.2

  • Fixed the bug, that php closing tags were displayed.
  • Added danish translation.
  • Thanks to Jacob Lindhardsen!

CWT Feedit V0.4.0

  • Extension is now ready for Typo3 3.6. Please update, if you use the CWT Community.

CWT Feedit V0.3.8

  • Improved the templates.

CWT Feedit V0.3.7

  • bug Bugfix: Fields of the type “preview” were displayed in the result view.
  • Extension should work with REGISTER GLOBALS turned off now. (I changed all “$GLOBALS[foo]” statements in “$GLOBALS[‘HTTP_POST_VARS’][foo]”.)

CWT Feedit V0.3.2

  • I changed the “cleanFilename()” function. Now the appropriate function from the class t3lib_basicFileFunctions is used. So all unallowed characters shouldn now be removed.
  • The finnish translation has been done by ??. Thx.
  • Updated the manual.

CWT Feedit V0.3.0

  • Addition of new evaluation functions. (twice, atLeast, atMost, email)
  • It is now possible to render password fields.
  • It is now possible to render preview fields.
  • Updated the manual.
  • Really BIG THANKS to Frank Rakow, who has improved my extension and programmed new functionalities, that become available with this new version!!!

CWT Feedit V0.2.1

  • Added a function to create blank records. This can be useful, if you want fe users to be able to create new records.

CWT Feedit V0.2.0

  • First public version.

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