Register now for the next OpenShift Users meeting on 17th October

Registration os now open for the next edition of OpenShift Users meeting at the Accenture Campus Kronberg on 17th October! This time we have something special for you: it will be the first meeting with users from Germany, Austria and Switzerland for up to 200 participants. And we’re happy to host Reza Shafii (former VP […]

The best OpenShift Labs from Red Hat Summit 2018

At this year’s Red Hat Summit there have been some great sessions on containers and OpenShift. All session materials and source have already been published on GitHub: Here are the best sessions for OpenShift users: A Practical Introduction to Container Security (3rd Ed.) Managing your OpenShift cluster from installation and beyond DevOps with OpenShift and Ansible […]

How to use custom Docker images on OpenShift Online

This quick tip describes how to use your custom built docker images on OpenShift Online (Red Hat’s SaaS based container platform). Create a new project and get login token Login to OpenShift Online at and create a new project (for the sake of this demo I use “my-external-project” as the name for it). Click of the question […]

Getting started with Ansible Playbook Bundles on CDK

Install Ansible Service Broker addon into your CDK installation Start your CDK environment with registration (important as yum get’s used during addon installation) export MINISHIFT_ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL=y minishift start –service-catalog Clone the addon repository and install Ansible Service Broker addon: git clone cd minishift-addons/add-ons/ minishift addon install ansible-service-broker minishift addon apply ansible-service-broker When logging in to […]

Solving problems with Eclipse Secure Storage

I am an active long time user of Eclipse and Red Hat’s distribution called JBoss Developer Studio ( The tool suite has a very nice feature called Eclipse Secure Storage, which allows me to save development related passwords (Github, OpenShift, etc.) in a secure manner on my local system. However, in the last couple of […]

How to set up wordpress on OpenShift in 10 minutes

What this is about? A lot of customers would like to give the brave new container world (based on Docker technology) a try with real life workload. The WordPress content management system (yes, it has become more than a simple blog) seems to be an application that many customers know and use (and that I’ve […]

OpenShift Quicktip: Testdriving persistent storage with NFS

Creating a persistent volume for NFS storage plugin The administrator is responsible for creating volumes (PV). The administrator assigns some external thing (partition, entire device, NFS volume, whatever) to a PV. Login to OpenShift with an admin user Create persistent volume: oc create -f persistent-volume-nfs.yaml Check status of persistent volume: oc get pv Creating a […]

OpenShift Quicktip: Limiting resource consumption for users

A. Resource limits Resource limits allow you to set boundaries (max/min & default) for the compute resources a developer can define on pod/container level (see Login to OpenShift with an admin user Change to target project with oc project <my-project> Import limit range (see on what options are available) oc create -f limit-range.json […]

IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core on OpenShift V3 Tutorial

A. Synopsis What this is about This project demonstrates how to use IBM WebSphere Liberty (a lightweight Java EE container comparable with Apache Tomcat) on Red Hat’s leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution OpenShift Enterprise V3 ( Since OpenShift is perfectly suited for running containerized workloads based on the Docker format, we could reuse the officially supported […]

IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core on OpenShift V2 Tutorial

A. Synopsis What this is about We’ve created a IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core cartridge in order to demonstrate the power and flexibility of Red Hat’s Open Hybrid Cloud strategy. Liberty Core provides a lightweight alternative to the classic WebSphere Application Server ND (cartridge available here: mainly targeting web applications using JEE web […]