Imcompatibility of “cwt_community_im_bb” with CWT Community 1.0.3

An incompatibility between CWT Community v1.0.3 and the extension “CWT Community Internal Message with BB-Codes v0.0.1” (extension key: cwt_community_im_bb) has been detected. The installation of “CWT Community Internal Message….” will break your Community installation: you will only see a blank page when accessing a page containing a CWT Community plugin.

Incompatibility with "cwt_community_im_bb"

Recommendation: Do not use the extension “cwt_community_im_bb” (version: 0.0.1) together with CWT Community v1.0.3.

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  1. Hi, is it possible to have “cwt_community_im_bb” running without having cwt_community installed? the reason im asking is, that im looking for a simple private messaging system, and till now i couldnt find any suitable t3-extension for that.

    cheers, jonas

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