CWT Feedit version 1.1.0 released

CWT Feedit version 1.1.0 released

I have just released a new major version of CWT Feedit. It includes some handy improvements that will mainly improve the adaptability of the extension in terms of layouting. You are now able to control the generated HTML content in a more powerful way. Here are the details:

  • Added a configurable wrap for the generated CWT Feedit content. So, one may add some custom introduction to the form for instance (see “The $conf parameter – pre_HTML, post_HTML”).
  • Checkboxes may now be displayed in multiple columns (see “The $conf parameter – checkboxColumns”).
  • Simplified the generation of the form object (see “4. Assemble the HTML with your form object”)

More information on CWT Feedit…

Sebastian Faulhaber


goran Posted on6:52 am - Jul 24, 2009

I think I found the reason, It’s the same code you had it commented in 1.03 version (arround line 149 in :class.tx_cwtcommunity_lib_common.php)

//FIXME: Strange error, when enabled.

$markerArray[“###”.$prefix.strtoupper($feRecordKeys[$i]).”###”] = tslib_cObj::stdWrap(self::getLLFromString($TCA[‘config’][‘items’][$feRecord[$feRecordKeys[$i]]][0]), “”);

So it’s just enaugh to comment this out.

Ps. I almost finished writing new bb_code plugin (it uses mm_forum functions for proccessing, this way I will be able to update it to new cwt community)


goran Posted on7:08 am - Jul 24, 2009

Sorry about spaming this way, but I think I found the bug 🙂

$fixme =$TCA[‘config’][‘items’][$feRecord[$feRecordKeys[$i]]][0];
if ($fixme) $markerArray[“###”.$prefix.strtoupper($feRecordKeys[$i]).”###”] = tslib_cObj::stdWrap(self::getLLFromString($fixme), “”);

if TCA returns empty string don’t substitute, as then there is no configuration for it.

Sebastian Faulhaber Posted on4:33 pm - Jul 25, 2009

Hey Goran,

thank you very much for pointing this out! I will release an according bugfix (CWT Community V1.1.1) shortly.


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